Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canoga Park | Multi Vehicle Crash intersection De Soto Av at Vanowen St

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 Los Angeles Firefighters from Station 84 give the red carpet treatment to accident victims involved in a 4 car crash in Canoga Park this morning at 9:30 a.m.  

Traffic was at a stand-still when 4 cars crashed in Intersection De Soto Ave. at Vanowen St. Wednesday morning.

Multiple car crash at the intersection of Vanowen St. and De Soto Ave. Four total cars were involved in this horrific traffic accident on Wednesday July 26 at 9:30 a.m..  All drivers and passengers complained of pains though no one was transported to the Hospital, Police said. 

Multiple Vehicle Crash Intersection | Canoga Park, CA. | Raw Footage 

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OPG Towing | West Valley & Topanga | Howard Sommers on scene.  West Hills Towing provides for a AAA Membership customer private transport from this scene. 

The four car pile up happened on the front door step of the Los Angeles Fire Dept. Station 72. 

LAFD Firefighters from station 84 gave these accident victims the red carpet treatment. They couldn’t of arrived on scene any faster. 

It is unclear what caused the accident. Police Officers on scene took measurements of skid marks and talked to the witnesses and drivers for a traffic accident police report. No damages to L.A. City property were noticeable. 

One woman, a accident victim in her senior years had been driving one of those cars sitting in the turning lane which had crashed dead into the other car’s hood making both cars totally disabled. 

West Hills Towing and transportation conducted a Private impound and transport upon request by one of their AAA customer’s car, using her AAA Membership and the other cars were towed by OPG | Howard Sommers Towing. 

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